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Tulsa police looking for man accused of shooting 2 police officers

Anyone with information about David Ware’s whereabouts can call Tulsa PD at 918-596-2627.

TULSA, Okla. — Police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma are on the lookout for a man who allegedly shot two police officers during a scuffle early Monday morning.

Both officers were undergoing surgery in critical condition as of last check.

Police posted the following message to the department’s Facebook page this morning:

Officers stopped the suspect at 8900 E. 21st street at about 3:30 AM, a scuffle ensued with the suspect, Ware pulled a gun on the officers and fired multiple times.

Both Officers were shot and are in critical condition undergoing surgery.

The suspect fled on foot from the area and we are actively searching for him.

If you live in this area be very aware of your surroundings, if your dogs are barking call us and we’ll come check it out. If he is willing to shoot at us, he is likely willing to shoot at anyone.

If you have any information about his whereabouts please call 911 or (918)596-2627.

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