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“Blaming Putin for Everything”: Peter Doocy Humiliates Jen Psaki [VIDEO]

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FNC’s White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, is never one to deal with the ever-irascible Jen Psaki with kid gloves. Instead of asking her fawning, softball questions like many of the regime-friendly leftists in the room, he asks the questions that America actually needs for the administration to answer.

He did so yet again in the recent White House press briefing, asking Jen Psaki:

We just heard you say again, that you think inflation is going to be temporary. We’ve heard you say that it was going to be temporary since last spring. So how long do you guys think temporary is?

Jen, madder than a hornet in a Coke can, snapped back, saying:

Well, again, Peter, I think what we do is we rely on the assessments of the Federal Reserve and of outside economic analysts who give an assessment of how long it will last.

The expectations and their assessment at this point continues to be that it will moderate by the end of the year.

There’s also no question that when a foreign dictator invades a foreign country and when that foreign dictator is the head of a country that is the third largest supplier of oil in the world, that that is going to have an effect. And it is.

Watch that verbal cannonade, part one of their snippy back and forth, here:

But that wasn’t the end of it. Doocy, never one to let her off the hook without a fight, followed up by poking fun at Team Biden’s blaming of Putin for everything bad happening, saying

And so to that point, inflation goes up today. The president’s statement blames the “Putin price hike.” Are you guys just going to start blaming Putin for everything until the midterms?

Jen’s response, as you might expect, was something other than pleasant and friendly. She said:

Well, we’ve seen the price of gas go up at least 75 cents since President Putin lined up troops on the border of Ukraine.

Still, Doocy wasn’t done, pushing back on the “Putin ate my homework” line, he said:

And last month, the statement didn’t mention the Putin price hike. It mentioned inflation because of the pandemic. Why is that?

Jen, unable to give a good answer, relied on credentialism, citing “experts” and saying:

Well, Peter, last year’s last two years, there was a global pandemic. Everyone who’s a global economist have all agreed that that has been the biggest contributor to date of inflation because of the impact on the supply chain.

Obviously, global events impact the economy, the global economy, as well as global inflation. And the price hikes as a result, that have escalated over the course of time, of President Putin’s further invasion of the impact on the global markets are, of course, having an impact.

Watch part two of their back and forth here:

Peter has a point. If pre-invasion trends have continued, then why is it Putin’s fault?

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