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Democrats Suffer New Civil War – Senator Manchin And Tester Demand Biden To Immediately Start Drilling Again

As the country hurtles toward a previously unthinkable average price of $5/gallon for gas, the Biden administration is scrambling.

They’re trying to counter the rising tide of criticism from citizens who were already paying a steep price due to spiking inflation. But right now, it doesn’t appear as if D.C. has any answers.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, gas prices immediately started to increase. Because the U.S. gets so much of its oil from Russia, a shortage was inevitable, and many drivers have become frustrated.

The Biden administration blames Russia, as the President was recently quoted as saying that there “isn’t much I can do right now.”

However, many politicos and lawmakers say there is something he can do, and it’s something that should’ve been done a long time ago: America needs to start domestic drilling immediately.

Under former President Donald Trump, the country had moved toward energy independence. But Biden’s focus has returned overseas for oil and as a result, we’re in a difficult situation with Russia.

And two Democrat Senators have had enough. Via The Daily Wire:

The growing chorus of calls for increased oil production in the United States has become bipartisan, as moderate Democratic Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Jon Tester (MT) on Tuesday called for producing more oil domestically instead of importing the natural resource from foreign countries.

Another primary issue is that we’re essentially financing our enemies (Russia and if reports are accurate, possibly Iran).

Sen. Tester told CNN’s Manu Raju that “we shouldn’t be advancing other countries who don’t share our values.” Which is why he wants us to drill in the U.S., “create jobs here, deal with with domestically.”

As for Sen. Manchin, he repeated what he’s been saying for some time:

[We should] basically go back to the policies that we’ve had before.

And that’s– we have to do our leasing in the Gulf [of Mexico], ok, [Bureau of Land Management] lands [have] been off-target, all this has to go back in, into production.

That’s all we’re asking for. And any oil that’s needed to our allies around the world, we produce it cleaner than anybody.

Manchin is taking a strong stance on this issue, and it goes beyond just words.

According to The Hill, the moderate Democrat is withholding a “yes” vote for Biden’s pick for the assistant Interior secretary for land minerals management, Laura Daniel-Davis.

And unless the administration immediately begins to ramp up domestic production, Manchin likely won’t approve of Daniel-Davis. As such, the President is facing opposition on all sides.

Manchin and Tester are just two more voices that have joined the growing chorus: start domestic drilling now, and save Americans from paying through the nose at the pump.

Those calling for this action maintain that we produce cleaner oil than our foreign counterparts, and our gas lines would have less of an environmental impact.

They also slam Democrats for “wanting” these higher prices at the pump, because it fits in with their green, anti-fossil fuel agenda. Many argue this is why they’ve never cared if gas prices skyrocket.

These pundits typically say they’re all for protecting the environment but it’s a long-term plan, and doesn’t happen overnight.

Furthermore, they add that it’s not a good idea to cripple entire economies and drain bank accounts just to push a certain agenda, especially when the world is in such a tenuous situation.

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