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“Lie after Lie”: Gingrich Slams Biden’s State of the Union Address

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Newt Gingrich appeared on FNC’s “Hannity” to discuss Biden’s widely derided and much mocked State of the Union address and, like every other conservative, was far from complimentary.

First, he had a bold prediction about Nancy Pelosi and Republican control of the House, predicting that by this time next year we’ll see Kevin McCarthy, the relatively conservative House Minority leader, sitting in the Speaker’s chair instead:

“Well, first of all, this is the last time we’ll see Nancy Pelosi at a State of the Union. And I look forward to seeing Kevin McCarthy sitting up there next year. So that, to me, was the one optimistic moment.”

However, after beginning positively, Gingrich tore the rest of the spectacle to shreds. He started his takedown by saying that Biden is either delusional in how he views what’s happening right now or is deliberately lying to the American people. In his words:

“This was a very dangerous speech because either Joe Biden believed in the speech, in which case he’s out of touch with reality, or it was a deliberate lie to the American people, lie after lie, after lie. Your point is exactly right.”

Gingrich then took time to point out how the difference in oil price, a difference that many contend is due to Biden’s anti-fossil fuels stance, making it more difficult to drill on federal lands, and cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline. Speaking on the oil price and how that helps Putin, Gingrich said:

Trump had the price of oil per barrel down at about $46. The difference between that and $100 a barrel is $54 going to Putin every single hourT]he point is, at that price, Putin is making over a billion dollars a day to finance his military activities, thanks to the Biden policy.”

Gingrich then went on to talk about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and why the Ukrainians might have a chance now that the Russians are getting bogged down in cities, saying:

Biden had a chance to do a lot of things tonight. And I would simply say I’m more optimistic than you are. Not that I don’t think this will be brutal and difficult. But big cities absorb armies. It’s one of the great lessons of World War Two in places like Stalingrad and Leningrad, and Putin ought to understand that. If the, if the Ukrainians are prepared to fight, we have an absolute moral obligation. And Congress should ask us to start moving money, passing legislation.”

That military analysis might or might not be right. So far the Russians have generally shied away from using heavy weapons of the sort that might cause major civilian casualties.

If they decide to start using such weapons, the world might be outraged but the Ukrainian resistance might also melt away in the face of massed firepower.

Despite his “meh” military analysis, however, Gingrich’s general point is spot-on: all Biden did in his address is lie to the American people.

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