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Presidential Candidate Just Ended His Career – You Won’t Believe What He Said about the U.S. and Israel

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Over the weekend, terrorists struck Israel. An estimated 700 people were killed with many more injured. Israel declared war on Palestinian terror group Hamas. It is pushing back invaders while striking the Gaza Strip.

Many American leaders have weighed in on the exploding war. Some have vowed support for Israel, including Republican lawmakers and Joe Biden. Others, however, including many leftists, have issued states that have outraged and shocked Americans.

One leader is currently running for president. Many considered him a major threat to Joe Biden’s re-election. He just issued a statement regarding the growing conflict in Israel. And this could drive voters away.

From Breitbart:
Like Hamas, both America and Israel have “blood on their hands.” That is the view of prominent civil rights activist and former Harvard Divinity School philosophy professor Cornel West Cornel West, who on Sunday seemed to justify the terror group’s monstrous operation which saw the deaths and kidnappings of hundreds of men, women, and children, calling it a form of resistance to “oppression.”

Cornel West, who is currently running for president as an independent, appeared to condone the actions of Hamas–which has led to an already bloody war. West’s comments seemingly put him in league with anti-Israel leftists.

West said that Israel’s presence in their historic homeland is a “vicious U.S.-supported Israeli occupation.” He called the vile acts by Hamas–including murder and kidnapping–as “resistance to oppression.”

The presidential candidate said that he wanted the “killing of innocent people” stopped. But it seems he believes the conflict is the fault of Israel, not the terror network that launched an unprovoked, surprise attack.

Several anti-Israel Democrats have expressed similar remarks. They appeared to offer lip service, condemning “violence.” But they seemingly blame Israel for the ongoing conflict, claiming they are wrongly occupying the land.

This is a common talking point for pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel activists. They are often also anti-Semites, who harbor a hatred for the entire Jewish people group.

Many viewed West as a major threat to Biden’s campaign. The leftist might have taken many votes from Biden, which could have led to Biden’s collapse. However, these anti-Israel statements could harm West’s support among many voters.

Source: Breitbart

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