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Biden’s Finally Building A “Wall” – But It’s Not At The Border, It’s A Taxpayer-Funded $500K Fence For His Beach House

When the cries of “defund the police!” spread across the nation, many sources were quick to point out a few contradictions.

For example, while some Democrat leaders supported the concept, they still spent small fortunes on private security. Some of the higher-profile politicians will spend millions on protection during their careers.

All this continues to happen while the border crisis remains in full swing, too.

Of course, that won’t stop our elected officials from paying a pretty penny to protect themselves and their lavish properties. President Joe Biden Obviously Doesn’t Have A Problem With A “Wall” Of His Own.

The President has reportedly spent a great deal of time away from the White House during his tenure, spending many weekends at his beach house in Delaware.

POTUS has received criticism for being away from Washington so often, especially during difficult times. Even so, Biden makes frequent use of his $2.7 million-dollar vacation home.

And now it’s going to have a massive amount of protection, at taxpayer expense.

From Fox News:

After spending much of his summer vacation on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, President Biden is heading back to his multimillion-dollar beach house in his home state of Delaware, where he’s building a taxpayer-funded security fence at a cost that’s ballooned to nearly $500,000.

This comes immediately after Biden signed the $739B Inflation Reduction Act, which many leaders have admitted won’t have an immediate impact on the inflation problem.

Republicans accuse their left-wing counterparts of spending far too much, as “Tax and Spend Democrats” feels like a fitting term these days. Now, another half-million is going toward Biden’s beach home.

The Secret Service deems this fence necessary, and added that it doesn’t comment on “the means, methods, or resources used to conduct our protective operations.”

Most Americans will likely not have a problem with that statement, and the safety of our elected officials is paramount.

However, with hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants coming into the country every day, this is the sort of news that irks voters. Cries of, “he gets a wall, but we don’t” start popping up on social media.

It has gotten so bad that several southern states are trying to use their own authorities to protect the border, even as federal agents override some of their efforts.

With the border crisis showing no signs of slowing, many taxpayers say they have no problem using their money to fix the situation. This will likely be a hot topic of debate during the midterm elections.

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