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Shrink Wrap and Pantslessness…How Ukraine is Dealing with Looters

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No pants, shrink wrap, and telephone poles, when combined in an innovative way, are apparently the solution to looting.

That comes from Ukraine, which is dealing with a rash of lootings in the wake of the Russian invasion by shrink-wrapping looters to telephone poles, often pantless, as a punishment for their transgression against the people.

Not the Bee, reporting on the situation, had this to say about the wild but seemingly effective response to the looting epidemic:

It is no surprise that, with a war going on, some rabble-rousers in Ukraine would start taking advantage of the situation for personal gain. Looting is happening throughout the war-struck country.

But, no surprise, the Ukrainian people are handling this issue in a very appropriate manner: public shaming.

And what does that public shaming look like? Like the three ingredients listed above to make looters seriously rethink their decisions:

Not the Bee also cites this Ukrainian source as describing the situation, providing this translation of what’s going on over there, where looters are apparently being secured to telephone poles while pantsless in the frigid Ukrainian winter:

The man decided to take advantage of the lack of staff and lighting in a store in the Kazarsky district. In [Mykolaiv] locals caught the marauder and tied him to a “pillar of shame”, having taken off his pants. This was reported by Novosti-N on Sunday, February 27.

“The incident took place in the Kazarsky district. There, an enterprising citizen decided to take advantage of the lack of workers and lighting in the store and” buy “something there without money.

The looter was unlucky – he was seen by locals. They called the police,” the statement said. A patrol arrived and found a marauder without pants and with film taped to the pole.

The Daily Star, a UK news site, reported on the unique Ukrainian way of dealing with looters, had this to say about what has been seen so far:

Images of the apprehended individuals show one man taped to a lamp post with another man with his back to him, also taped to the same pole.

Another circulated image shows a man with his trousers down, pinned up and taped to a post with a collection of bottles next to him.

One Twitter user shared a video of a potential looter covered in tape and unable to move from the pole with his clothing partially stripped off.

As always, it’s possible that the story is fake. However, given the footage on Twitter and the Ukrainian source, it seems to have at least some basis in truth.

So, if this is actually happening, the important question is “does it work?” If so, we’re gonna need to load up on shrink wrap the next time a police officer shoots a violent felon and Democrat cities decide to freak out.

Perhaps then the BLM looters and Antifa thugs would, like the Ukrainian looters shivering in the photos, rethink their decisions.


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