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White House Drops 1 Shock Order – Guess What They’re Trying to Force the Speaker to Do

With Mike Johnson serving as House Speaker, Republicans are standing firm on their demand that the border be secure. Speaker Johnson has put forward a bill that will end the 3-year-long border crisis and protect the country.

Democrats have rejected the bill. Instead, Biden has demanded Republicans support a bill in the Senate. That bill would not necessarily secure the border, only give the government more money.

Speaker Johnson called out the president, saying he could support the border today—with the stroke of the pen. That’s when Biden’s spokeswoman, Jean-Pierre, issued this demand.

From Fox News:
“If Speaker Johnson continues to believe – as President Biden and Republicans and Democrats in Congress do – that we have an imperative to act immediately on the border, he should give this administration the authority and funding we’re requesting to secure the border,” Jean-Pierre said…

“But make no mistake, President Biden pledged on Friday to ‘shut down the border.’ However, with the stroke of a pen, he could begin by restoring Remain in Mexico, ending catch and release, reforming asylum, and parole standards. His refusal places our national sovereignty at stake.”

Biden claims that he wants to “secure the border.” And he is trying to pressure the GOP to support a bill in the Senate that supposedly provides the “authority and funding” needed to do so.

But Speaker Johnson hit back, saying that Biden can secure the border right now, through executive orders. He can restore Remain in Mexico, which the Supreme Court upheld in a previous ruling. Biden and end “catch and release” an Obama policy he re-instated. He can end the farce that has become the asylum system. And he can order DHS to deport known illegals living in America.

Yet Biden has refused to do any of these things. Instead, he wants more money and power, accusing Republicans of stalling on the border.

The current narrative being spread by Democrats is that Republicans are responsible for the border crisis. They say this, hoping Americans will believe that the problem is because House Republicans won’t give Biden even more tax dollars for Ukraine and other foreign aid.

Yet Biden is the one who ended Trump-era policies that secured the border. Biden and his administration have repeatedly made disprovable claims about the crisis, even denying it was real at one point. Six million illegal aliens have been welcomed by Biden, flown to various corners of the country, and given taxpayer-funded benefits.

All by Biden, not Republicans.

Source: Fox News

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