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Ted Cruz Just Went After President Biden – The Senator Spotlights Joe’s Blatant Russian Oil Spin

Long before Russia invaded Ukraine, Americans have been suffering at the gas pump. Under Donald Trump, we literally had energy dominance. America was exporting more oil and natural gas than any other nation in the world.

But Sleepy Joe, bowing to the radical left and special interest groups, made changes that crippled our energy sector.

But the worse was yet to come when Russia invaded Ukraine. Biden banned Russian exports and with each passing day, the cost of gas increases. God help you if you live in a red state, where gas will exceed $5/gallon. Recently, a reporter asked Biden what he was going to do to lower gas prices. Contradicting what he’s said many times, he claimed “ Can’t do much right now.”

And he blamed Russia for the rising prices. So, Sen. Ted Cruz let him have it.

From Daily Wire:

Cruz fired on Twitter, “This is a flat-out lie. Gas prices have increased 48% under Biden—BEFORE RUSSIA INVADED UKRAINE. Biden did that,” adding, “That’s bc Biden: — killed Keystone pipeline. — froze federal leases. — shut down ANWR All, while Biden waived sanctions on Putin’s pipeline.”

Once again, Biden and his administration seem to think Americans are stupid. He expects us to believe rising gas prices is Putin’s fault when gas has been going up ever since he entered office. Does he really think we’d forget all of 2021? Ted Cruz came out swinging, saying Biden’s comments were a “flat-out lie.” He pointed out that under Biden, gas prices have increased a painful 48%. And he explained the many reasons this is happening.

There were many decisions Biden made that directly hampered American energy production. All of them are bigger factors to rising gas (and electricity) prices in the U.S. Biden banned leases for drilling on federal land—which crippled oil production in many states. He shut down ANWR, a historic victory from the Trump era that harvested our rich resources in Alaska (causing minimal impact).

Of course, we all know about Biden killing the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have assured us a steady stream of energy—even during a time of war. On top of that, his administration hit refineries and other factories with stiff emissions regulations, increasing costs and reducing productivity.

But no, Putin invading Ukraine two weeks ago is what really did it! Even though gas prices were spiking before Biden implemented a ban on Russian oil, yesterday.

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