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After Biden’s Price Of Gas Approaches Historic High – Some Predict By The End Of The Month Oil Could Hit $200 A Barrel


Chances are, you have seen how high gas prices have been getting. That’s been going on since Biden entered office. But it got much worse after war in Ukraine broke out.  And we’re nowhere near the end of the spike as Biden is considering whether to ban Russian oil entirely, which could raise prices further.

The only way for America to take back real control of gas prices is to jumpstart American oil production again, something liberal Joe refuses to do (although he’s begging other countries like Saudi Arabia to do the exact thing). That is why we have news like this to share.

From Daily Wire:

“The cost of Brent crude, the international benchmark, rose about 10 percent, reaching $130 a barrel on Sunday evening,” The New York Times reported. “In early December, it cost about $65 a barrel.”

This is why you have trouble filling up your car before you go to work. Biden refuses to alleviate this problem by allowing the U.S. to drill. And some experts believe that the price will get much higher soon.

From Yahoo Finance:

Traders piled into options that oil could surge even further after rising to the highest since 2008, with some even placing low-cost bets that futures surpass $200 before the end of March.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s “green” policies, oil prices are skyrocketing. There is no reason the cost of gas should be this high in America (around $4/gallon as the national average at this point). If we were producing the same amount of energy we did under Trump, the costs would be much lower. But Biden is clamping down on our oil supply, while at the same time refusing to let us drill.

Hey, he promised he was going to do this during the election, folks. For some reason, people still voted for him (they claim). I wonder how many Americans who gleefully voted for a man promising to destroy a major industry are happy right now. Perhaps the liberal elitists are—they can afford a rise in oil prices (they drive EVs, after all). But average folks?

Experts are predicting that the cost of oil will reach $200/barrel. That will result in gas prices going above $5/gallon, perhaps much higher. This is a problem with a simple solution. But Biden is doing the bidding of environmental activists. He keeps promising to lower gas costs but doesn’t do the one thing that will work.

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