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Trump Gets Invitation to Honor Queen Elizabeth – For a Special Service, Donald May Head to the Washington Cathedral


When Queen Elizabeth passed earlier this month, Donald Trump was quick to share his condolences. He spoke fondly of the beloved figure, offering sympathy to the UK.

The former president, like all former presidents, will not be going to England to attend the Queen’s state funeral, as room for political dignitaries is tight and security is a challenge.

But word has come out that he’s been invited to a special service in D.C. Only a few will be attending.

From Breitbart:

Former U.S. President Donald Trump will be invited to a special memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II attended by the Queen’s Colour Squadron in America’s Washington National Cathedral.

President Trump has not been invited to the Queen’s state funeral… but the living former presidents will all be invited to an invitation-only service at the “spiritual home” of Anglicanism in America organised in partnership with the British Embassy, reports The Times of London.

It’s unclear if Joe Biden will be attending the Queen’s state funeral in London.

But we do know that all living former presidents, including Donald Trump, have been invited to a special service to honor Queen Elizabeth.

The Washington National Cathedral is the U.S.’s “spiritual home” of Anglicanism, the Christian denomination to which the Queen belonged.

To honor Queen Elizabeth, the cathedral will hold a service attended by the Queen’s Colour Squadron.

According to the report, all living former presidents will be invited, including Donald Trump.

Trump expressed a fondness for the Queen on news of her passing. According to the 45th president, his English mother–Mary MacLeod–was an admirer of the Queen.

He spoke with Nigel Farage after the Queen passed, praising her accomplishments and legacy.

It’s unclear right now if Trump will attend this special event, although it is very likely, considering his appreciation for the late monarch.

But it will surely be quite the event, with Trump sitting beside former presidents like Obama, Bush, Carter, and Bill Clinton.

The D.C. establishment has ramped up its agenda against the America-First 45th president. How will the swamp’s chief sponsors–these former presidents–react to Trump’s appearance?

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