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Biden Waves White Flag Over Judge’s Order – Joe Will Comply With Decision To Keep Title 42 In Place


If Joe Biden moves ahead with one of his most controversial decisions, it’s likely to result in immense pushback — and perhaps another drop in approval rating.

Title 42 is one of the most hotly contested subjects in the political sphere today. And right now, the administration plans to lift it.

However, A Louisiana Judge Stands In Biden’s Way, And POTUS Has Decided He Must Comply.

Most Republican leaders and even a few Democrats have stood up against the removal of Title 42, which experts say will result in as many as 500,000 illegal border crossers every month.

Border officials have said it would make the border crisis even worse than it has been, and southern states have already prepared lawsuits.

Just this week, they finally got a victory:

A Louisiana district court judge announced he’d block any attempt to rescind Title 42. It’s a Trump-era policy that empowered border authorities to easily reject illegal entrants.

And now, Biden’s team is saying they’ll have to follow the judge’s decision.

Via Fox News:

President Biden’s administration will comply with an upcoming order from a federal judge in Louisiana that is expected to block the removal of C19 border restrictions.

If Biden moves ahead with his current plan, Title 42 will be lifted on May 23.

And if that happens, the predictions are grim: after reportedly seeing over 1 million more illegal border crossers enter the U.S. last year, this would result in another explosion.

It would put an immediate and immense strain on an already overwhelmed and under-staffed border, according to most insiders.

In response, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to infuse more medical support and transportation into the situation. But of course, that just costs taxpayers even more.

On top of that, many politicians claim the plan just isn’t enough to deal with what’s coming. Democratic Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly said:

The administration hasn’t even prepared, and they don’t have a plan for what to expect.

We know what the situation on the ground is going to be. Let’s come up with a detailed plan and put it in place – and I just haven’t seen that.

The border crisis is one of several issues that have plagued the Biden administration almost since the very beginning of his tenure in 2020.

Reversing many Trump-era policies and stopping construction on the border wall led to a massive and unprecedented surge. And so far, many argue nothing has been done to fix it.


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