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Biden Makes Concerning Russia Gaffe On Live TV – He Just Said Putin Decided “He’s Gonna Invade Russia”


Today, the world watches in horror as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine. People fear this conflict could have much greater consequences than the fall of a sovereign nation to an aggressor (as bad as that already is). Many fear that this could erupt into a conflict covering Europe and beyond.

This kind of problem requires strong, decisive leadership, especially from the United States. Unfortunately, Joe Biden has been failing to lead from the start of his problem. His gaffe in January appeared to give Putin the green light. Now, he continues to make bizarre and troubling gaffes—rising worries that he is the very worst person to lead during this crisis.

From Twitter:

“How did we get to the place where, you know, Putin just decides he’s gonna invade *RUSSIA*? Something like this hasn’t happened since World War 2.” – Joe “Baked Potato” Biden

As per usual, Joe Biden isn’t making any sense. The world is in free fall and Biden is confusing Ukraine and Russia. You know, those are two very different counties—in more ways than one. Yet Biden, while discussing a problem that can erupt into world war (he says that himself) he is getting confused.

I know FDR had polio. But at least he knew the difference between Germany and Poland. Joe Biden looks tired and confused in this video, something that is fairly typical, these days. He seems too weary to even care about what’s going on. You really have to wonder what the Democratic Party is doing, right now. Numerous lawmakers have called for Biden to take a cognitive test. The signs are too many to ignore.

Yet Democrats pretend Joe is sharp as a tack. Maybe they are too afraid to admit they were wrong to prop this guy up as their candidate. Maybe they fear admitting he is ill will hurt their midterm chances (as if that is what matters, right now). Or perhaps they—like the rest of us—realize that if Joe is gone, we’re left with Kamala Harris.

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