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Former Obama Adviser Turns On Biden – Rattner Says The President Should Take The Blame For Skyrocketing Inflation

Most of the time, birds of a feather flock together. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Democrat who is willing to turn on his own. Even as Biden crashes and burns, most of the party stands together.

They refuse to call out his mistakes—for fear they’d be called out as well. That result, of course, is that Democrats will never do what is right to help Americans.

But once in a while, someone within the party stands up to its leaders. It’s pretty rare, so you gotta pay attention when it happens. This time, a member of Obama’s administration is speaking out. And he’s willing to turn on a former colleague, Joe Biden himself.

This man is saying Biden needs to take the blame for one of his administration’s biggest failures. From Fox News:

MSNBC economic analyst and former Obama adviser Steven Rattner took President Biden to task on Thursday for claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine is responsible for the soaring inflation Americans are facing at home…

Rattner called out Biden’s remarks in a tweet Thursday, noting that the administration’s sanctions on Russia – which were imposed last month – would account for only a small percentage of the devastating inflation figure that reflects the past twelve months.

“Well, no. These are [Feb. numbers] and only include small Russia effect,” Rattner wrote. “This is Biden’s inflation and he needs to own it.”

Former Obama advisor Steven Rattner called out Biden’s claim that the runaway inflation we are all seeing was Putin’s fault. Rattner pointed out the latest inflation numbers—the worst in 40 years—were from February. Russia, as you might remember, invaded Ukraine toward the end of the month. And Biden’s sanctions didn’t go into effect until after that.

So, as Rattner concludes, this inflation was only marginally affected by the Russian invasion. He even says Biden needs to “own” this inflation. That sounds especially convincing when you factor in the rising inflation from all of 2021. This inflation isn’t new. We’ve been covering it for most of last year.

Bidens’ henchmen dismissed it last Summer as “temporary.” Then, they blamed companies for rising prices out of “greed.” Not once did Biden or his people admit this was the result of his wasteful spending, inability to address the supply chain, and other measures that kept people out of work and drove jobs overseas.

Even now, leftists are trying to protect Biden—punting all of his failures onto Russia. But it doesn’t seem like Americans are buying it. We’ve been suffering for over a year now, thanks to Joe. Suddenly blaming Russia isn’t going to work. Not even an Obama lackey is accepting it.

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