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New York Judge Hands Ruling To NRA 2nd Amendment – He Just Blocked Liberal AG Letitia James From Breaking Them Up


Let’s call a spade a spade. The left can’t stand the National Rifle Association. The once small organization has become the biggest defender of American’s Second Amendment rights. They educate Americans on their rights, while also equipping them with knowledge on safe gun practices.

Naturally, the radical left wants this group gone. And they are trying, more than ever, to do it.

But things aren’t going the left’s way. The state of New York brought a case against the NRA, alleging a variety of wrongdoing. The leftist AG’s goal? To completely dismantle the organization. It was up to a judge to decide if this was going to happen, and now we have an answer from a Manhattan judge.

From The Hill:

A Manhattan judge has blocked New York Attorney General Letitia James’s attempt to break up the National Rifle Association (NRA), though her lawsuit against the gun-rights group is allowed to remain open…

“The Complaint does not allege that any financial misconduct benefited the NRA, or that the NRA exists primarily to carry out such activity, or that the NRA is incapable of continuing its legitimate activities on behalf of its millions of members,” he added.

The judge also said dissolving the advocacy group would have an impact on “free speech and assembly rights of its millions of members.”

Boom! Judge Joel M. Cohen just handed the far left some very bad news. The Manhattan judge is denying NY AG’s request to break up the biggest Second Amendment organization in the country. And his reasoning appears pretty rock solid. He scolded the attorney general, saying her allegations against the NRA did not warrant a “corporate death penalty.”

He then went on to rightly suggest that breaking up the group (which would effectively destroy it), would amount to a violation of its members’ free speech and assembly rights. Why is that? Because the NRA isn’t a faceless organization. It is made of up members. Members who are American citizens, using their free speech to educate and equip their fellow Americans.

To shut down this group would be close to denying Americans their right to speak about gun usage and the Second Amendment. The judge believed that this government agent, Letitia James, did not have the power to break up this group, simply on the basis of her charges.

It doesn’t mean she can’t find other ways to penalize them. The AG has made all kinds of allegations against the NRA. But it’s hard to ignore her partisan bias against it. We’ll see how successful she is with her other lawsuit.

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