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Kamala Harris Makes Concerning Statement To The World – On Video She Apparently Claims Ukraine Is A NATO Country

Plenty of critics have questioned the U.S.’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Joe Biden has made big boasts against Putin’s actions. But aside from sanctions (and promises of support), we’ve yet to see a strong sign from the administration that they mean business. We know they aren’t taking this seriously enough. Why?

Because they keep sending Kamala Harris to Europe.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have to admit Harris is not the best person to deal with this. She isn’t even the best person on Biden’s team (if there is a best person, at all). The woman makes as many gaffes as old Joe. And, while discussing the tense and critical situation overseas, makes an obvious mistake.

From YouTube:

Harris spoke before Democrats, perhaps during their “Winter retreat” recently. While discussing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she made a big boast. She said the U.S. will never abandon our NATO allies and agreements. It seemed, based on the context, that she was referring to Ukraine as a NATO country. But it is widely known that Ukraine is not a member of NATO.

In fact, some experts explained that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was sparked by rumors that Ukraine was going to join NATO. Both NATO and Ukraine made it clear that was not going to happen. But Putin invaded anyway, proving his intentions were to attack all along.

That’s a big part of this story. Yet Harris doesn’t seem to know that. How can we trust her to help the Ukrainian people, when she can’t even get these basic facts straight?

Harris has long shown her incompetence, at the very worst moments. She laughed when reporters asked her about people dying. She often looks like a deer caught in headlights, when asked about the administration and their agenda. Whenever confronted with her failures, her office is quick to blame Joe and others.

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