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Kamala’s Brain Breaks Down Over Roe – Asked About Democrat Failure, Harris Admits ‘Settled Law’ Is Unsettled

With Joe Biden unlikely to make it to 2024, Democrats are fearing a Kamala candidacy. Chances are, the woman will run—common sense be damned.

But she isn’t doing herself any favors. While speaking about the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade, she stumbled over her own comments.

From Fox News – Youtube :

Yikes, what did we just watch?

Kamala Harris was asked about her views on the recent overturning of Roe. It appears the woman, who seems to care more about appearances than substance, tried to look concerned and grave.

Oh, yes. The end of federalized abortion is so terrible. Any reasonable Democrat has to look very solemn when talking about it.

(Because their Planned Parenthood business is probably going to take a big hit.)

But when she opens her mouth, nothing remotely grave or solemn comes out. She claims that abortion was “settled.”

Not sure what she meant by that, considering millions upon millions of Americans have protested every year over it since 1974.

But then she goes on and says it’s “unsettled.” Uh… what?

What is this woman talking about? Can’t anyone within the Biden administration talk like rational humans?

It’s bad enough that Biden is reading “repeat quote” off a teleprompter. Does his “vice president” have to sound just as confusing as he does?

Harris has long been mocked over her “word salads.” But that is being too charitable. From all appearances, she looks and sounds like a child pretending to be a politician.

Nothing about her appears authentic. She is trying to imitate real leaders, hoping people are dumb enough to believe her.

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