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Fox News Announces Next Replacement For Tucker Carlson After Seeing Huge Drop In Ratings

Fox News has named the next replacement host for former star anchor Tucker Carlson’s timeslot. The network has seen a massive ratings drop during the 8 p.m. hour since taking Tucker off the air.

Brian Kilmeade replaced Tucker last week. This week Lawrence Jones was picked to fill in for Tucker. Jones, 30, anchors the “Lawrence Jones Cross Country” on Fox News on Saturday nights. He will take over Carlson’s former 8 p.m. slot Monday.

Jones joined Fox News in December 2018. His show averages around 1 million viewers and 108,000 in the key demo. His show airs in the 10 p.m. Saturday slot. Jones said, “Grateful for this opportunity family. I’m no TC.. he carved his own lane & earned your trust. I can only be the LJ  you’ve allowed to grow the last 9 years on Fox.”

According to Page Six: “A media insider told us, ‘Fox News is trying out a rotating list of anchors in Tucker’s spot — this week it has been ‘Fox & Friends” Brian Kilmeade — but it is significant that they have chosen Jones to step up so soon after Tucker’s departure.’”

Jones lives in Dallas. He told a local media outlet that Sean Hannity first offered him a job at Fox News.

But he was reluctant to take it.

“I told him no, I didn’t think it was a good idea, ‘Because I’m a libertarian, and we’re going to disagree a lot,’” Jones said.

“And he said, ‘Oh, that’s OK. Just be you.’ And I said, ‘No, we’re really going to disagree.’

“He goes, ‘Just give it a shot.’

“And that turned from two months, into a year.

“And he said, ‘Listen, LJ, if you just be you, you’ll have your own show.’

“I never thought I would be doing this job.

“I think my classmates will tell you and my parents would say that I always had an opinion. I was always advocating for someone involved with politics in some form or fashion.

“I may have a godparent of every single race.

“And so, people often ask me: How am I able to report on a story in the south side of Chicago and then go to Iowa to do a diner for ‘Fox & Friends’?

“And it’s because I grew up around all these different types of people.

“It has allowed me to really go within any different crowd and understand their grievances and understand the things that matter to them the most.”




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