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After Biden’s Public Schedule Is Empty For Days – KJP And Kirby Team Up To Cover, Say Joe Has Been “Quite Busy”


We all know something is wrong with Joe Biden. His handlers at the White House go to great lengths to hide him from the public.

This Saturday, he returned from his (disastrous) Middle East trip. Since then… nothing. Where is Joe? Where is the “President” of the United States?

Nobody knows. And a few of his cronies are quick to give some very helpful answers.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said President Biden “has just been very busy,” despite having no public events on schedule.

And good ol’ Kirby said, oddly, the exact same thing.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden’s Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby said President Biden has been “quite busy” lately despite having zero events on his schedule.

Um… has this entire presidency been one practical joke? Biden’s MIA after a major trip to Saudi Arabia.

We all can see his schedule since it is published publicly. He hasn’t been seen in days.

You could just admit that the old man is wiped out and needs to rest. Maybe say he’s getting IVs to keep him alive (I dunno).

Instead, two of his staff claim he is “busy,” even though he has nothing on his schedule.

This is not the first time the White House has hidden Biden from view. Soon after his Inauguration, Biden was rarely seen.

It was hundreds of days before he had a press conference and months until he gave his address to the joint chamber of Congress.

Since then, he often has mysterious breaks in his schedule with no explanation. When he is on vacation, that is usually announced. He is even photographed riding a bike (Ooo!).

But this time? Nothing. We are supposed to believe he is busy—with no evidence.

Perhaps is “coordinator” needs to come up with better excuses.

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