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President Trump Drops 42 Gavels On America

Have you missed a leader who has real plans and solutions to help the American people? Because we clearly haven’t had one for almost 2 years.

Trump, on the other hand, was always brimming with ideas to make America free and prosperous.

The Donald has yet to announce his 2024 plans. But he has been making the rounds in support of the GOP this midterm cycle.

At rallies and conventions, Trump has urged voters to take back Congress (and local government) from the radical left. And, even though he’s not running (yet), he’s laid out major proposals for a second term.

From The Western Journal:

Trump touched on many topics during his speech including inflation, the economy, big tech, immigration, energy, transgender athletes and the 2020 election…

After Trump addressed a plethora of issues, Breitbart also outlined the prepared remarks that were circulated by Trump’s team and essentially broke it down into 42 policy proposals, mostly centered around law and order.

During a recent speech in D.C., Trump laid out 42 policy proposals—most concerning law and order.

These proposals go beyond what Republicans could do if they retake Congress and sound much more like plans for a presidential administration.

Much of what Trump talked about covered the problems of rising crime and homelessness in major cities.

One of his plans includes the creation of mobile treatment centers for homeless, just outside big cities. He called for the erection of high-quality tents to house them because building projects would take too long.

He also hammered on the need to restore the support and dignity of our law enforcement. He also promised to rehire American soldiers who were fired over Biden’s mandate.

Trump spoke on the drug epidemic, something he worked to battle during his first term. He called on both local and federal law enforcement to take down “dealers, traffickers, and narco-terrorists.”

The 45th president even called for the “death penalty” against these insidious groups.

Trump has yet to make an announcement concerning his return to politics. Many Americans firmly believe he will run again in 2024.

This speech lends considerable weight to that possibility. Trump wouldn’t be laying out policies like this if he didn’t intend to enter government again.

Some of his ambitious plans could never be done simply through Congress. It would require major coordination between the federal government, states, and local leaders.

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