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Congress Democrats Just Threw In The Towel – They Stood Against Trump Power But Are Handing Over More To Biden

The role of Congress is to serve as the second branch of our federal government. It is meant to work with the executive branch and the judiciary to protect our Constitution and the rights of Americans. Sometimes, that means Congress needs to check the power of the other two branches, especially the presidency.

So, how has this Congress—run by Democrats—checked the power of Joe Biden?

Not well. All last year, this Congress sat back and did nothing to stop Biden as he failed again and again. They refused to call into question his unconstitutional mandates. They didn’t investigate his open border and failure to address the supply chain. And where is the accountability over Afghanistan? These are the same Democrats who went out of their way to deprive Trump of his presidential power.

Now, these progressives appear to be giving up their role in the process, urging Biden to become, in effect, a dictator.

From Roll Call:

Meanwhile, a group of House progressives, after years of warning that former President Donald Trump was dangerously trying to expand the powers of the presidency, want to give President Joe Biden — and, by extension, the office he occupies today but another Republican, history suggests, one day will again — more policymaking prowess.

House Progressive Caucus Chair Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., and members of her group not only want Biden to sign more executive orders but are writing some for him, as CQ Roll Call reported Friday from Democrats’ retreat in Philadelphia.

We’ve heard from progressives for a long time a call for Biden to circumvent Congress to get their agenda done. This group of Democrats is so obsessed with pushing socialist policies, that they’d let Biden consume more power from Congress, to get it done. After various bills failed to pass, these radicals demanded Biden to force some of the changes through via executive orders. And now, they are literally writing the orders for him.

Executive orders are meant to be very limited in scope. They are directed at federal agencies that are under the president’s authority. But some presidents (like Obama and Biden) have abused this system as a backdoor to legislation. If Congress refuses to cooperate, they have tried to force their will onto Americans via EOs. Today, the same Democrats who tried to stop Trump from using executive orders are now demanding Biden abuse them to fulfill their socialist agenda.

Hypocrite, much? I guess these people aren’t all that concerned with limiting the power of the president, if that president does what they want. So much for things like democracy, checking the power of the government, and upholding Americans’ rights. No, they have an agenda to achieve—one that transforms America into a Marxist paradise. Who cares how many liberties they trample over?

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