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Donald Trump Goes Up Against 6 Top U.S. Leaders – In Major Poll RINOs Get The Shaft While The Former President Dominates

The left would have you believe that America is done with Donald Trump. He was erased from social media, banned from government monuments, and forgotten in the halls of Capitol Hill. I guess they think since they’re trying to ignore him, the rest of us would too.

But with every failure Joe Biden racks up, more and more Americans are looking to 45 for a ray of hope.

We’ve seen polls reveal how Trump would stack up in various 2024 matchups. We’ve even seen him rank pretty high within his own party. But what about how he ranks with major leaders currently in seats of power? A new poll came out recently that is very eye-opening.

From RealClearPolitics via Twitter:

U.S. Political Leaders

Interesting factoid of the day: Donald Trump has the highest favorable rating of any U.S. political leader. Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell have the lowest.

In a poll that ranked the favorability of major U.S. leaders, Donald Trump had the highest favorability. He beat Joe Biden, Kamala, old Nance, and Crying Chuck. It appears he’s even beaten out House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and RINO Mitch McConnell. In fact, McConnell actually had the worst numbers, with a “spread” of -33.5 points.

Keep in mind, Trump was the only leader in the poll not currently sitting in office. And yet he still beat people who are actively “working” for the American people. Why did other Republicans score so poorly? We can assume Democrats gave them low favorability. But because RINOs like Mitch keep favoring the left, members of his own party are rejecting him too.

That’s not to say Democrats are sitting pretty. For top leaders like Biden and Pelosi to also have such low favorability means that members of their party aren’t too pleased either. Democrats had an entire year with D.C. in their clutches. And what did they do with it? Let inflation run out of control, let gas prices reach new highs, and opened the border.

And that’s all just for starters. Even the rubes who voted for Sleepy Joe are seeing the light these days. And more than a few of them want a president who will actually put Americans first.

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