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Ten Republicans Line Up For The White House – The Top Candidates For 2024 Include Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis And Mike Pence


What’s Happening:

With Biden’s approval reaching record lows, all eyes are on the next time we can elect a president. With less than three years until the 2024 election, speculation has abounded on who could represent the Republican Party for the top ticket.

Nobody knows if Biden will make it to the next election. He says he’s running, but let’s get real. Someone else is likely to run as a Democrat for the White House. But who will that person be running against? Here are the top ten Republicans who could be preparing a 2024 campaign.

From The Hill:

While none have spoken definitively about their plans for 2024, many potential candidates have already started networking with GOP leaders and donors in key states while testing out campaign messages in public appearances…

  • Donald Trump

  • Ron DeSantis

  • Mike Pence

  • Chris Christie

  • Nikki Haley

  • Ted Cruz

  • Mike Pompeo

  • Kristi Noem

  • Tom Cotton

  • Larry Hogan

Nobody has yet to announce a 2024 campaign. But a number of key Republican faces appear to be testing the waters for a possible presidential run. Most of the names will be familiar to conservatives. But there are a few surprises in the mix.

Most pundits have discussed the likes of Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, and Ted Cruz. Sen. Cruz even recently suggested he had a good shot, being the runner-up in 2016. Signs point to a Pence campaign, as he is becoming a more visible figure within the party.

DeSantis is a mystery, as the Republican appears very devoted to leading his state. So are the fates of Chris Christie and Nikki Haley. Both are former Trump allies who appeared to turn on him after the 2020 Election. Chances are, GOP voters won’t be eager to support turncoats.

Other surprises are Tom Cotton and Larry Hogan. Both men appear to be exploring possible campaigns. But the biggest name on the list is 45 himself. He has remained tight-lipped about his plans but has let out more and more hints of a comeback.

Whether or not any of these other Republicans run will probably depend on Trump’s plans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ten Republicans appear to be exploring a possible 2024 campaign.
  • Nobody has officially announced a presidential run.
  • Many Americans are expecting Trump to return to the White House.

Source: The Hill

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