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Democrats Are Suffering A Grassroots Exodus – “Lifelong Liberals” Admit There Are Hordes Abandoning The Party

Democrats have a much bigger problem than they realize. Sure, the generic polls have Republicans beat Democrats in the midterms by double digits. And sure, Joe Biden has had the longest low approval streak we’ve ever seen. Oh, and over 30 long-serving Democrats are abandoning the House—leaving once safe seats up for grabs.

But it’s much worse than that. Democrats have failed to live up to a single promise in the last few years. And they are not just losing swing voters. Lifelong liberals (as they put it) are dumping the party.

From YouTube:

Lifelong Liberals are upset with the Democratic party: “A lot of people walking away” from the party, during a segment on Fox News Digital on 3/19/22.

Liberals are expressing frustration with the Democratic Party. Some are “walking away.” But why? These women blasted the party with a powerful indictment.

From YouTube:

Lifelong Democrats are frustrated with the party: “I don’t think Democrats care about women and girls,” during a segment on Fox News Digital on 3/19/22.

Reports suggest that self-professed lifelong liberals are leaving the Democratic Party. One woman said she knew many people leaving. Those asked revealed they believe the Democratic Party has abandoned women and girls. They seemed to be particularly upset that the party isn’t standing up for women’s rights the way it used to.

If that isn’t sounding alarm bells within the party, they really are asleep. Women voters are one of the largest blocs for the left. Without a strong showing of women at the polls, it would be very hard for Democrats to win elections. And their strongest base is saying Democrats no longer care about them.

It can’t get much worse than that.

These women are criticizing Democrats for their lack of support. This was the same party that once claimed to “believe all women.” That was true, when it was politically advantageous for them. But when Democrats go out of their way to dismiss or discredit women, when they are calling out men like Joe Biden or Andrew Cuomo? Yeah, you kind of lose your “We love women” badge.

These are just the words of a few women, but they no doubt echo the sentiment of many Democrat voters across America. I wonder, just how many lifelong liberals are ditching the party right now?

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