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Texas Governor Claims ‘Miracle’ After Intense Storm – Video Shows Flipped Red Pickup Truck Drive Away And No Casualties

If you happen to live anywhere in the Southeast of the United States, you’ll know a powerful storm system ripped through the area last time. A large portion of that system touched down in Texas, hammering the state with powerful tornadoes. Tornadoes move fast and leave destruction in their wake. Often, they come so quickly, residents have little time to prepare.

But, to the amazement of many, these tornadoes have not appeared to cause a single casualty. The governor is calling it a “miracle.”

From Fox News:

While the storms ripped down power lines and destroyed some residential buildings, there were no reported casualties, something Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell called a “miracle” during a joint press conference Monday evening, KVUE reported.

The tornadoes caused massive damage, sending golf ball-sized hail. But it seems there has been no loss of life. In fact, one of the tornadoes got a hold of a pickup truck. And even though it was flipped around, the driver was able to pull away safely.

From Twitter:

Omg… just going thru my video. This is a story about a red truck and a tornado…. I CANNOT believe they drove away like that. #txwx #tornado

A powerful storm system hit Eastern Texas yesterday, sending multiple tornadoes. The tornadoes showered the area with heavy winds and rain, as well as golf ball-sized hail. But, according to Gov. Abbott, there have been no reports of loss of life. This is extremely rare, something he is calling a miracle. Along with that news, a video has gone viral of a truck getting flipped by one of these tornadoes.

The video, which has so far been viewed 3 million times, shows the truck getting flipped back on its wheels. And, as the storm passes over it, is able to drive away. This suggests that not only was the truck not damaged enough to stop working, but that the driver was not killed. This is certainly not something we see every day—and miracle-territory.

As can be expected, the storms caused significant damage to parts of the state. Buildings were damaged, along with roads and infrastructure. But thankfully, all of that can be repaired. Lives can’t be replaced, though. For nobody to be killed during these sudden storms is worth talking about.

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