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Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee Just Got Grilled – The GOP Swings Open Her Closet And Spotlights Democrat Hypocrisy

Joe Biden nominated what appears to be a radical activist to the Supreme Court. Democrats are determined to quickly get Jackson onto the bench—and have been trying to pressure Republicans to comply.

But Republicans have a long memory and they refuse to let the left off the hook.  Senator Ted Cruz reminded Democrats of how they treated conservative nominees to the court, even recently.

From PJ Media:

“It is only one side of the aisle that, with Justice Clarence Thomas, was so reprehensible that […] President George Herbert Walker Bush wrote at the time, quote, ‘what’s happening to Clarence Thomas is just plain horrible,’” Cruz continued…

Cruz wasn’t finished. He brought up the Kavanaugh hearings next, calling them “one of the lowest moments in the history of this committee, where Democrats on this committee sat on allegations… hid them and then leaked them against the wishes of the complainant.

Now, Democrats want an easy confirmation of Biden’s pick. The media is also complicit in this hypocrisy, treating Jackson much differently than they did of Amy Coney Barrett.

From Fox News:

After President Biden announced he was appointing Jackson to replace retiring Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, The New York Times editorial board called it a “cause for celebration”…

As for Barrett, the board lamented her “deeply conservative” views and that she had been “anointed” by the conservative Federalist Society.

And Sen. Blackburn brought up one of Jackson’s secret skeletons, that she “praised” the divisive 1619 Project.

From YouTube:

Senator Marsha Blackburn said President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson “praised the 1619 Project,” during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court on 3/21/2022.

Republicans are holding the left’s feet to the fire over their Supreme Court nominee. Ted Cruz reminded Democrats of just how despicable they’ve treated conservative nominees, including Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh. In both those cases, Democrats and the media-hyped up unfounded allegations against these men—to derail their confirmations.

The media did the same thing over Amy Coney Barrett. Because she was a Trump nominee, the respected judge was slandered and ridiculed by the liberal media. Yet with Jackson, they praise her as some kind of hero for social justice. But Republicans refuse to back down. It seems they are prepared to hold Jackson accountable, even though Democrats have refused to release her record.

Sen. Blackburn called out Jackson’s dubious connections with the 1619 Project. You might remember this project as being a major element in the pushing of critical race theory. It is one of the toxic curriculums parents fought to get out of their kids’ schools. For that, parents were targeted by the DOJ as domestic threats.

Jackson also appears to have ties to radical figures. In the past, she was accused of being an “advocate” to Gitmo prisoners. It seems there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about her appointment to the Supreme Court. We’ll see how hard Republicans push back.

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