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Kamala Harris Stumbles Again On The World Stage – The Vice President Spits Out A “Word Salad” On The Significance Of Time


Can we say anything more about Joe Biden’s “vice president”? She’s been in office for over a year and she’s yet to distinguish herself. You’d think with Joe setting such a lower bar, Kamala would look like a genius. Yet, to the shock of the entire world, she seems to be doing worse than Sleepy Joe.

And, like clockwork, yet another member of her team is quitting. From The Daily Wire:

On Monday, in the wake of Vice President Kamala Harris’ disastrous visit to Poland, it was reported that her National Security Adviser Nancy McEldowney, will become the latest staffer to leave Harris’ office.

According to Reuters, McEldowney, who advised not only Harris but also President Biden on foreign affairs including Afghanistan, Iran, and Ukraine, wrote in an internal memo that she was quitting in order to “focus on some pressing personal matters.”

Wow, this woman advised both of them on Afghanistan and Ukraine!? Why wasn’t she fired months ago? Perhaps this latest departure rattled Kamala. Because, when she tried to give a speech in Louisiana, it did not come out well.

From YouTube:

What did I just watch? Did Kamala’s speechwriter quit too? I’m sure she thought what she was saying sounded incredibly profound. Instead, it was like watching someone fall down the stairs, with their mouths. The “vice president” was trying to discuss the importance of laying down high-speed Internet cables. But she veered off to talk about the “passage of time.” And it was… a mess.

What was she really trying to say? Your guess is as good as mine. This display is a sign that Biden’s nonsense is not contained to him (and his dementia). Even Kamala can’t even get a thought out right. Is it because they really have such terrible people writing for them? Or, regardless of what’s put in front of them, these two really are this unimpressive?

Newt Gingrich blasted Kamala’s terrible performance. He said she can’t blame “cognitive decline” saying, “she just dumb.” Harsh words for certain, but what else can we conclude? Remember, Kamala was one of the least impressive candidates for president in 2020, getting only 2% support. She only got 7% from California—her home state! Yet Biden made her the second-most important person in his administration.

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