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CNN Host Expertly Rips Fox ‘Chief Propagandist’ Tucker Carlson in Brutal Takedown—and the Internet Is Cheering

The conservative Fox News network has been a constant source of disinformation regarding everything from lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines to the validity of the 2020 election, and Brianna Keilar is fed up with it.

The CNN host recently devoted a segment to debunking lies spread by the network and its “chief propagandist,” far-right host Tucker Carlson, who has repeatedly promoted the white supremacist “great replacement” conspiracy theory, as well as fantasies that the deadly failed insurrection was a secret FBI operation.

It was that last lie of Carlson’s that Keilar took aim at in the segment, calling out not just him, but the entire Fox News disinformation machine.

Watch below.

Keilar played footage of Carlson repeatedly denying that the insurrection was an insurrection or a terrorist attack, but rather a psy-op by federal authorities. Carlson has continued to broadcast this lie despite the fact that several pro-Trump extremists proudly livestreamed their ransacking of the Capitol, and more than 700 have been arrested on charges varying from obstruction of Congress all the way to seditious conspiracy.

Keilar said of Carlson:

“Still, alleged insurrectionists have a greater handle on the truth than their biggest cheerleader, who according to a federal judge can’t be trusted farther than he can throw his pom-poms. Fox’s own lawyers argued as much in a defamation suit against the network, successfully they argued.”
She went on to cite a court case in which a federal judge said that the “general tenor” of Carlson’s show relays to a viewer that “he is not ‘stating actual facts’ about the topics he discusses.”

Keilar then concluded:

“Actually, it’s a clear cut case of how to cultivate an echo chamber, or a gremlin. Water it, feed it until it multiplies. The only thing that stops it? Sunlight.”
The six minute segment calling out Carlson and the rest of Fox News was a hit with social media users.


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