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Supreme Court Nominee Stumped By GOP Question – Biden’s Black Female Nominee Refuses To Define ‘Woman’

The nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court is apparently a big deal to Democrats. This party has pushed around identity politics for years, exploiting people over their race and gender.

Biden and many other liberals pranced around with glee over the fact that his nominee is a woman of color. And from what we’ve seen online, that means a lot to hardcore leftists and Democrats.

Including Judge Jackson herself, who spoke about it at length during her hearings.

But something very odd happened soon after. The left talks a lot about the importance of women’s rights and how they are the only people in America that can protect them. Democrats are very excited to get another woman on the bench. Yet, when the judger herself was asked to define the very word “women,” she refused.

Um… what?

From Breitbart:

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to define the word “woman” in her Supreme Court confirmation hearing Tuesday, but she and Democrats repeatedly opined on the historical significance of the fact that she is the first black woman nominee.

In an exchange with Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Judge Jackson refused to define the term “woman,” saying she was not a “biologist,” though the definition of gender is a key legal issue in debates over transgenderism.

Well, this is strange, isn’t it? Democrats have spent weeks celebrating the nomination of a black woman to the Supreme Court. Biden did it, we suspect, in a desperate attempt to win back female and black voters. The nominee herself talks about how important this nomination was to her as a “woman.”

But when Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn simply asked Jackson to define the word “woman,” she was stumped! She said she couldn’t produce a definition of the word “woman.” When pressed, she claimed, “I’m not a biologist.” Really? We now have to be biologists to understand what a man or a woman is? She just said she was proud to be a woman nominated to the Supreme Court.

Yet she refuses to define a woman? That is very troubling since she would most certainly decide on cases that cover gender. That goes beyond current debates over the issue. How can we trust she is being fair, deciding cases properly, when she apparently doesn’t know what a woman is?

Obviously, she knows the meaning of the word. Why else use it? But she was caught by the clever Blackburn. Democrats, today, are too afraid to say something as simple as what a woman is—for fear of cancel culture. Not even a potential Supreme Court justice is willing to do it, because she doesn’t want to offend the radical left.

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