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Sanctuary State Governor Pulls a Total 180 – She Gives Incoming Migrants 3 Shocking Words

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When Donald Trump was president, numerous liberal-leaning states passed “sanctuary” laws. These laws encouraged illegal immigrants to migrate to those states, on the promise that local authorities would not report them to the federal government for deportation.

In recent years, these same states have become overwhelmed with illegal entrants. They had been shielded from the border crisis for a time. But now, these states cannot accommodate the tens of thousands of migrants pouring into them. One of these state’s governors previously bragged about its sanctuary status. Now, she is issuing a statement that will cause some to call her the “Female Trump.”

From Fox News:
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul seemingly changed her tune on the migrant crisis Thursday, remarking during a CNN appearance, “If you’re going to leave your country, go somewhere else.” […]

“The smarter thing is to apply for asylum before you leave your country,” the governor added.

The notable shift comes after the Democrat previously touted New York’s sanctuary status.

Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, issued a statement telling migrants to “go somewhere else.” She reported that New York had no more “hotel rooms” to house migrants. Hochul claimed that the state has no capacity to welcome migrants. And she is urging people not to come.

She went on to tell migrants to “apply for asylum” before they leave their country of origin. Under the Biden administration, most illegal immigrants allow themselves to be caught by authorities. They then claim asylum and are set free into the interior of the United States. This policy has been called “catch-and-release” by critics.

But Hochul is defying this trend by telling migrants they must apply for asylum before they come. That would, seemingly, require the asylum-seekers to wait back home, before venturing into the United States.

These statements are a radical departure from what we commonly hear from Democrats. But even liberals in deeply-blue cities and states are running out of options. It should be noted that Hochul did not offer consequences for those who do not heed her warning. The governor did not say if local authorities would deport migrants or require DHS to do so.

Cities like New York and Chicago have become overrun with migrants from all over the world. Democrats have filled hotels with these migrants–which they reportedly destroyed. New York has erected tent cities to house many of these migrants. This move has sparked intense backlash from locals.

The growing anger from New Yorkers could be what produced Hochul’s about-face. She is even in support of rescinding the state’s sanctuary law, to end the migrant flood.

Source: Fox News

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