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Congress Moves To Honor ‘True American Hero’

In the aftermath of recent tragic events, a hero emerged to prevent yet another one. Elisjsha Dicken was the young man who stopped a would-be shooter in an Indiana mall.

Police praised his bravery and highly skilled reaction. And now, a Republican in Congress wants to honor this American.

From Townhall:

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) introduced a resolution Thursday to honor the heroism of Elisjsha Dicken, the young man who reacted with speed and precision to put down a man who started shooting innocent shoppers in an Indiana mall’s food court…

“Eli’s act of bravery saved countless lives and inspired millions more,” she noted of his heroic actions that stopped the active shooter almost as soon as the attack began.

Rep. Boebert is pushing a resolution through the House to honor Elisjsha Dicken for his heroism n stopping an active shooter.

Boebert praised the young American as a “hero worthy of recognition and honor.”

In a matter of minutes after an active shooter opened fire in the mall, Dicken engaged him.

Because he was concealed carrying, he was able to quickly fire back. The shooter tried to flee, but was stopped in his tracks.

Dicken’s actions undoubtedly saved many lives. And it is more proof that the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.

The radical left may not want to honor this American. They are so hellbent on pushing gun control, that they might not want to highlight the times when gun ownership is critical.

We’ll have to see.

If anything, hopefully his local community and other leaders will find a way to thank Dicken.

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