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John Kerry Hides Docs Until After 2024 Election – So A Watchdog Just Stepped Up And Sued The State Department

It is a very concerning problem when a government entity refuses to release information to the public. There is a law called the “Freedom of Information Act,” or FOIA. It requires our government to provide information to the public when requested.

It stems from our First Amendment rights and serves to hold our government accountable. But all too often, the federal government tries to get around this law—giving rise to suspicion and speculation.

A watchdog group requested documents related to John Kerry’s work. The former secretary of state is currently Joe Biden’s “climate czar.” He’s traveled the world, working with foreign nations on climate issues. He’s even interacted with China and Iran.

It makes sense that people want to know what he’s been up to. Yet the State Department is delaying the release of his records, until after the 2024 Election. So, this group is taking them to court.

From Fox News:

The State Department is being sued by a government watchdog group after the department said they would not be able to fulfill a documents request involving presidential climate envoy John Kerry’s office until after the next presidential election in 2024…

“The Biden administration promised to be the most transparent ever,” Chamberlain said. “But when the State Department is asked for records about John Kerry’s office – whose work touches on energy prices, international relations, many of the issues the American public cares about right now – they refuse to commit to anything until after the next presidential election.”

It’s particularly odd that the State Department is delaying the release of these records. The fact that they conveniently pushed it back to after the 2024 Election raises plenty of speculation. John Kerry’s work touches on issues like energy prices, international relations, and other “green” initiatives. All of this has an impact on everyday Americans. Yet Biden’s administration is holding this information back.

Some people might suspect they are doing it for political reasons. Delaying it until after the 2024 Election comes off as suspicious. Is there something they don’t want people to see—because it could influence how they vote? Has Kerry done anything Americans won’t like and color their opinion of the Biden administration?

We can’t know for sure, but the timing of this delay forces us to ask those questions. Biden claimed he has the “most transparent” administration in our history. That has not once been true. And this situation only further undermines that claim.

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