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Red Wave Crashes On Democrats For 2022 – The Cook Report Just Moved 10 More Races In Republican Direction

For over a year, we’ve predicted Democrats are going to lose in the 2022 midterms. Polling and other factors revealed Americans blame the left for the many crises hurting the country.

Joe Biden hasn’t helped at all. His bankrupt administration has either neglected serious problems (see: baby formula) or helped create them (see: the border).

And now, 10 more races are leaning Republican.

From Twitter:

According to Cook Political, ten more races are leaning Republican. They are basing this on Biden’s continued dip in approval, which will be hurting many “single-digit” Democrats.

The congressional seats are in states including Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, and Nevada. The seats are currently filled by Democrats, but with single-digit leads.

Such low leads mean they are vulnerable to strong Republican challengers. And as Biden continues to fail, voters will further blame his party.

Not that we are crying over it. Democrats have practically tortured Americans over the last few years.

They shut down our schools, churches, and businesses. They forced us to wear masks for no reason. And they threatened to take our jobs if we didn’t get the shot.

Not to mention how congressional Democrats supported Biden’s toxic agenda, which triggered inflation, high gas prices, and a rampaging border.

Meanwhile, Democrats do nothing to improve our current situation. They are content to blame Republicans, even Donald Trump.

Hey, Democrats, Republicans don’t have the majority right now. You can’t blame conservatives when you hold the reins.


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