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After Biden Makes Globe-Shaking Mistake In Speech – Many Openly Consider Activating The 25th Amendment

We’ve seen Biden stumble and fall through speeches for a while now. The evidence that this man’s unfit to lead keeps piling up. But he made his biggest blunder yet when the stakes couldn’t be higher.

While overseas, addressing the war in Ukraine, Biden said something that put everyone on edge.

From Reuters:

The Kremlin said on Monday that U.S. President Joe Biden’s remark that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power” was a cause for alarm, a guarded response to the first public call from the United States for an end to Putin’s 22-year rule.

Biden’s comments that Putin “cannot remain in power,” have been seen as a call for regime change in Russia. The Kremlin is none too pleased, as this comment could be grounds for serious retaliation. Biden put all of America at risk with these words. And now, people are talking 25th Amendment again.

From Daily Wire:

Chatter concerning the possible removal of President Joe Biden, 79, from the White House erupted online this weekend after the president on multiple occasions seemed to blurt out escalation talk regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, all in contrast with White House messaging.

The White House is scrambling after Biden’s off-the-cuff remarks during his visit to Europe. During his speech in Poland, he said Putin “cannot remain in power.” His White House immediately put out a statement that Biden meant Putin cannot remain in power in Ukraine, but not only is that nonsensical, the damage was already done.

Russia said the comments were “cause for alarm” which should put everyone in America on high alert. And commentators online are going back to the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

The 25th Amendment gives Congress the power to remove a president, via legislation. It would require cooperation with a sitting president and his vice president. It has never been used before, but more calls for this consideration have arisen, after Biden’s blunder.

Keep in mind, Democrats called for the use of the 25th Amendment against Trump on several occasions. For far less than what we’ve seen from Biden. The man all but gave Putin the green light to invade Ukraine back in January. Now, he is talking in an irresponsible way, during an incredibly tense time. Is there no one in Congress with the guts to do anything about this?

Party politics should have nothing to do with this emergency. Biden is just one bad comment away from tanking the stock market, upending peace agreements, or sparking a war. How can anyone, even Democrats, sit by and let this happen?

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