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Jim Jordan Goes After Biden Over Concerning Speech – He Says Joe’s “War-Triggering Words” Are Very Dangerous

Many people are weighing in on Biden’s disastrous remarks in Poland. His visit was worse than Kamala’s from a week earlier. All she did was embarrass herself over her inability to answer questions. Biden, on the other hand, made a comment that suggests he’s calling for the removal of Putin from power.

Even a former Obama official is outraged.

From Daily Wire:

Michael Morell, the former acting Director of the CIA under President Barack Obama, slammed President Joe Biden…

“It makes it — it strengthens Putin at home, makes it difficult for any domestic opposition to coalesce together. And no Russian citizen, none, wants to be told by the leader of Russia’s main enemy about what their leadership can look like and not.”

And leading House Republican, Jim Jordan, is blasting Joe for his remarks.

From The Washington Examiner:

“Here’s the president potentially having more war-triggering type language than probably any president in American history,” Jordan warned. “We need to be careful and precise in things we say, particularly as commander in chief of our country.” […]

“President Biden [is] giving speeches where he basically says, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing,’ Jordan added. “So that is very dangerous.”

House Republican Jim Jordan called Biden’s remarks “war-triggering” language. He slammed Biden for his sloppy performance, saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The Republican said Biden’s comments about Putin were “very dangerous.” Many others appear to agree.

The Kremlin itself said the words were “cause for alarm.” Obama’s former CIA director said Biden’s comments will only strengthen Putin’s position. Previously, there might have been a growing movement within Russia to limit Putin’s war-making power, or outright remove him. But what will the average Russian person think, after Joe Biden calls for their leader to be ousted?

He might have even convinced many Russians who were against the war to rally around Putin, being disgusted that Joe would suggest this. There might now be a movement in Russia to solidify Putin’s power, based on what Biden said. You know this dictator will use Biden’s words as propaganda, proving that the U.S. is trying to take down his country.

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