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Rand Paul Calls Biden On The Carpet – He Accuses The President’s Latest Gaffes Of Becoming A ‘National Security Risk’

In this age of Biden, it’s up to real leadership to step up and hold the country together. We need Republican lawmakers to take a stand and hold Biden accountable. Sadly, not enough Republicans in Congress are doing that. But there are a brave few who look the D.C. swamp in the eye and expose Biden’s failures.

One of those leaders is Rand Paul. Sen. Paul has stood up to the crooked establishment for years now. He has recently made a name for himself by challenging leftist darling, Anthony Fauci. Now, he is calling out Biden’s endless gaffes and missteps. And he is warning the country that Biden’s continued buffoonery could hurt us all.

From Breitbart:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) stated that we shouldn’t have to treat President Joe Biden like someone who is declining cognitively by having to help him say what he really means, Biden’s “intemperate speech” is “a national security risk.” And Biden lives “in an alternate universe where he just says they’re not true and he didn’t say them.” […]

Paul said, “Well, you know, a lot of times when you’re around somebody who’s in cognitive decline, you find yourself trying to help them with a sentence, trying to help them complete it, and say, oh no, that’s not what you really mean. Let me help you complete the sentence. But we shouldn’t have to do that for the commander-in-chief. And it is actually a national security risk.”

Woah. Sen. Rand Paul does not shy away from the real cause of Biden’s endless gaffes. He accused the “president” of suffering from cognitive decline. And, with someone suffering from that, you have to constantly explain what they really meant. “Oh no, that’s not what you really mean,” and so on. But with the president, we can’t afford to do that.

And the senator is saying Biden’s constant errors are becoming a national security risk. It’s hard to argue with that, after Biden’s most recent gaffe. Claiming it was “moral outrage,” Biden asked why Putin was still in power? The Kremlin said his remarks were cause for alarm and NATO leaders from France and Germany had to do damage control.

When will Biden say something that will put us in real trouble? When will he let slip top secret information before the public (and our enemies)? When will he say the wrong thing, to the wrong person, and trigger serious consequences? That’s what Paul is saying when he says Biden is a national security risk.

Paul accuses Biden of trying to explain away his gaffes, saying he lives in an “alternate universe.” But the senator acknowledged even the liberal media is noticing the gaffes. It’s getting harder and harder for the left to ignore Biden’s mistakes. When are they going to do something about it?

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