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Blue State Judge Drops The Gavel On Democrat Official – She Gets Ordered To Pay Up In Oregon

It’s no secret that some government workers get paid handsomely for their work. These “public servants” can look forward to six-figure salaries, while people in their communities struggle to get by. I’m not sure how these “socialists” can look themselves in the mirror in the morning. But I guess all that money helps cushion their consciences.

One particular leftist earned a very high salary. She works in the City of Portland as a city commissioner. Her yearly salary exceeds $127,000. Yet she has defaulted on a credit card. The company is suing her, but the leftist refused to show up in court. So, the judge dropped the gavel on her.

From The Blaze:

A judge in Multnomah County, Oregon, ruled that Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty — who earns more than $127,000 annually — must pay a credit card company more than $16,000 in overdue debts and fees after she failed to appear in court, KPTV-TV reported.

The far-left official has been a controversial figure in city politics. Having joined the bleating chorus calling for defunding police in 2020 — and specifically saying Portland cops should be pulled from 911 calls that don’t involve crimes — Hardesty called 911 on a Lyft driver for canceling her ride late that year. Afterward she blamed her fear of “white supremacists” for her actions, despite residing in a far-left mecca.

Now, this is bizarre. A far-left city commissioner from Portland had refused to pay off her credit card debt. The situation reached the courts, but she wouldn’t even show. So, the judge ordered Jo Ann Hardesty to pay $16,000 in overdue debts and fees. Sounds step? Well, the public servant earns over $127,000 a year.

Ms. Hardesty appears to be cut from the same cloth as most activists in the area. She had previously called for the defunding of police—in a city overrun with crime and rioting. Later, she called the police on a Lyft driver who canceled her ride. Hardesty claimed she did it out of fear of “white supremacists.”

Are there white supremacists in Portland, OR? I guess you have to look hard to find them.

This isn’t the first radical socialist we’ve learned about that is making out like a bandit. Numerous BLM leaders were found out to have bought high-rent houses in various states. Some of them were called out for refusing to pay taxes on those properties. So, these big-government progressives love it went the government raises taxes, just not on them?

I find it ironic that a government employee making so much money can’t pay off her credit card. Where is all the money going? I guess when you believe the government should bail you out of every jam, you don’t spend much time saving?

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