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James Woods Wins Over Critic With “Beautiful” Statement About Friend Penny Marshall: “I can’t stand you but that was beautiful, thank you for sharing it”

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Hollywood legend James Woods won over a critic today when he posted a beautiful statement about his good friend Penny Marshall. Woods said:

“I noticed Penny Marshall trending today. Though not sure why, I’ll take any opportunity to reminisce about one of my favorite friends and directors. One Christmas she had a small gathering at her house, and I remember sitting with her on the couch.

“Joe Pesci played the guitar and we sang Christmas carols. Hard to visualize, I’m sure, but a happy memory. We were all “strays” that year and her home was always open.

“She loved her friends like family.

“I think that’s why I had so much fun doing RIDING IN CARS WITH BOYS.

“That set felt like a big, rousing family.

“I just loved her so much.

“During the wedding scene she and I did a jitterbug, showing Brittany and Lorraine our moves.

“They laughed pretty hard and rightfully so.

“I really miss Penny.

“She was the best of my time in Hollywood, a great director and friend.”

A Twitter user said: “Jesus, I can’t stand you but that was beautiful.  Thank you for sharing it.”

Woods replied:

“I’ll take the high road and say thank you!”





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