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Nikki Haley Accused of 1 “Fake” Move – Her Little Stunt Just Got Exposed

Donald Trump is leading in the GOP primaries. But Nikki Haley has vowed the fight is “far from over.” Polling suggests she will have a hard time overcoming Trump’s popularity. And she is losing donors who had hoped she could defeat the former president.

But recently, Haley made a post that might end up hurting her more than her previous gaffes.

The Republican candidate posted two images of letters from fans. Both claimed to be voters who were urging her to continue fighting Donald Trump. But it didn’t take long for keen users to notice a few problems with these “letters.” And they were quick to pounce.

From The Post Millennial:
Presidential candidate and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is under fire after posting “kind words” that she has received from what she claimed were Americans supportive of her campaign against Trump in the Republican primary…

Users on the platform, however, were quick to point out obvious flaws with the two messages that had been screenshotted.

One was written in what appears to be an email box that has not been sent yet, with the top of the email box stating “new message.” The other appears to be a hand-written note, but with closer inspection appears to be a font style that has the appearance of being written by hand.

Nikki Haley posted images of letters she claimed came from two supporters. One looked like a handwritten letter, the other an email. But users online called out the candidate, after observing a few oddities about the notes.

The email was in a box with the button “Send,” suggesting it was a draft written but not sent. At the top of the box were the words “New Message” further adding to the suspicion that this wasn’t from a supporter.

The handwritten letter, some claimed, looked like something typed out using a font that looks like handwriting. Some believe these letters were not from actual supporters, but crafted—perhaps—by members of Haley’s staff.

Users were quick to accuse Haley of writing fake notes. Some mocked her comparing her to infamous actor Jussie Smollett. Others ridiculed her campaign for making what looked like obvious mistakes, even while faking letters.

This incident raises the question: is Haley receiving authentic messages from supporters? The candidate at one time appeared to be ready to take out Donald Trump. But comments and stances she has made hurt her popularity with conservative voters.

This latest stunt could turn off even more.

Source: The Post Millennial

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