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Biden Won’t Let New Crisis Go To Waste – Americans Concerned Over Joe’s Plan To Use Inflation, Gas Prices For His Green Agenda

As time marches on, Biden’s economic failures continue to hurt his party. Inflation continues to rise every month. And soaring gas prices show no signs of ebbing.

But Biden is undaunted in his goal to use these problems to push his agenda. He even just admitted to using this to force Americans to buy “green” energy.

From Fox News:

President Biden faced backlash after appearing to suggest that high gas prices will be a “good” opportunity to make a fundamental turn” to clean energy on Monday…

“My dear mother used to have an expression: out of everything lousy, something good will happen if you look hard enough for it. We have a chance to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and not just electric vehicles but across the board,” Biden told the crowd of reporters.

Well, Joe, your “dear mother” might enjoy making something “good” out of something “lousy.” But she was never the president.

And something tells me she would have had more sense when handling inflation and gas prices.

Biden claimed that the current economic problems hitting our country are a “chance” to make “fundamental” changes.

Instead of working to lower gas prices and curb inflation, Biden wants us to spend more money on costly “alternatives.”

It’s well documented that “renewable” energy, at its current development, cannot provide enough energy for the United States.

Fossil fuels are still needed, perhaps for a long time moving forward. Yet Biden and his party are ignoring that reality to push electric vehicles and everything else “across the board.”

That would seem to suggest wind turbines (which freeze in the winter) and solar panels (that are useless in places like Seattle).

While embracing alternative energy is not a bad thing, that cannot be the only solution to our current problem.

Over time, green tech will become more effective and more affordable. But Biden’s administration is trying to force our hand, making us buy technology that is not adequate.

Let the free market dictate that demand, Joe. Oh, you hate the free market, too? Now it’s all coming together.

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