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Ron DeSantis Owns ‘Dumpster Fire’ Blue States – In New Video The Governor Says A Mass Exodus Is Coming To Florida

The left has been attacking Florida for some time now. The once “swing” state has become decidedly conservative and Democrats can’t stand it. Ignoring the major shift among voters, they blame Gov. Ron DeSantis. The governor has defied the left for years, pushing a conservative agenda that puts even Texas to shame. He reopened the state before anyone else. He has even sued Biden on numerous occasions.

And he continues to trigger the woke left with his statements, agenda, and laws. Recently, he commented on the major problems plaguing other states. Things are getting so bad, in some places, that residents are getting fed up. And they are leaving, big time. Where are they going? DeSantis gives us the news.

From YouTube:

Gov. DeSantis was discussing the increasing demand for real estate and homes in Florida. Demand has been booming in recent years. The governor explained that many people are flocking to Florida, looking for a home, because they need to get out of these “dumpster fire” states. Of course, he’s not far from wrong.

The states he is referring two include California, New York, and Illinois—just for starters. Blue states have punished their residents with high taxes, rampant crime, and abuses of their liberties. Thanks to the boom in remote work, Americans can live anywhere they want. And, as Ron said, they are getting the hell out of places that are trying to destroy them.

The only problem is, Florida only has so much land and houses. They’re going to have to start building towers to house everyone getting out of LA alone!

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