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California Gives 2nd Amendment A Major Victory – They Just Put An End To Strict Gun Control Measure

If you want to find the state with the very worst gun control laws… go to Hawaii. But if you want the second worst, go to California. The once-Golden States is run by a liberal supermajority. And they use every opportunity to push laws that trample Americans’ Second Amendment rights. It seems they are far from finished limiting Americans’ access to firearms.

One state senator introduced an extreme bill that would have forced gun-owning parents to divulge personal information to public schools. Schools would also have the power to search a child’s backpack or other property for guns. Apparently, that was too much even for liberal lawmakers. So, the bill died in committee.

From The Western Journal:

Senate Bill 906, which would have forced parents or guardians of public schoolchildren to notify the state about whether they owned a gun, stalled in committee this week…

The bill was introduced by state Sen. Anthony Portantino — a Democrat, naturally — who had promised to amend it significantly due to concerns about its scope. Elementary schools would have been eliminated in the final version of Senate Bill 906 if it went on to the full, Democrat-controlled upper chamber of California’s legislature…

Portantino’s bill got only two votes from the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday, failing to advance to a floor vote.

Despite having a strong, Democrat majority, this gun-control bill failed to reach the state senate floor for a final vote. Some Democrats rejected the bill, saying a better way to prevent school shootings is to address mental health. Strong opposition to the bill came from gun groups and residents, so it’s possible Democrats were worried this would be too much even in CA.

The law would have forced parents to answer questions about their firearms from the public school. They would have had to list how they stored the gun and if the student had access to it. You can see how dangerous a law like that is. Mind you, nothing about this law would prevent a would-be shooter from getting a gun. It only gives the government greater power over citizens, since they would know much more about your home and possessions.

It seems the strong opposition from gun groups and others was enough to kill this bill. But don’t be fooled. Democrats seem to always be looking for ways to erode your Second Amendment rights. And, at the same time, give themselves more power. Unless Americans push back, we wouldn’t have a Second Amendment left.

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