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Donald Trump Jr. linked to Chinese billionaire’s bankruptcy: report

A trustee overseeing the bankruptcy case of right-wing Chinese businessman Guo Wengui – championed as the “Donald Trump of Beijing”— listed Donald Trump Jr. and former White House trade advisor Peter Navarro as potential defendants according to a court filing, reported by The Daily Beast.

Wengui, who sought asylum from communist China in the U.S., declared bankruptcy in 2022 after being fined a whopping $134 million in fines tied to his yacht and served as a benefactor to ex-White House strategist and MAGA surrogate Steve Bannon.

He is also accused along with co-defendant, Kin Ming Je, “of orchestrating fraud involving more than a billion dollars, in which Guo amassed hundreds of thousands of followers online—many of them Chinese expatriates who believed in his promises to ‘take down the CCP’—and solicited their investments in a range of bogus ventures involving cryptocurrency, clubs, and the media.”

The bankruptcy case naming 25 people on a list, that includes both Don Jr. and Navarro, is unrelated to the fraud case of Guo and company’s alleged mishandling supporters’ monies.

“They’re in such a vague state right now, some of them might just be people who just have knowledge of things,” legal expert Neil Crane told the Daily Beast of the case unfolding in Connecticut. “The people on this list are going to include people who have information, people who could potentially have assets, people who potentially could have received assets they shouldn’t have.”

Crane added that the court-appointed trustee’s role is to iron out a fair settlement for the bankrupt person’s creditors and this could end up involving returning funds that were misappropriated.

“Eventually there are going to be allegations against some of these entities or people,” Crane told the outlet. “You find these people, and if you think they did something wrong, you file what’s called an adversary proceeding.”


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