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Days After Media Reports Trump ‘Mystery Gap’ – CNN Admits The Seven-Hour Gap Was Not Due To Missing Logs


You gotta hand it to the media. They never miss an opportunity to humiliate themselves. Liberal outlets have been covering Pelosi’s  “J6” commission. They obviously hope that these House Democrats will uncover some kind of “smoking gun” that suggests Trump was behind the events at the Capitol Building.

It’s been over a year and—guess what? No smoking gun.

But this week, the legacy media got all excited about a 7-hour gap in phone records from the White House. They claimed these missing logs were a sign that Trump’s administration was clearly hiding something from the world. This information, of course, had been leaked by Democrats somehow, giving the MSM ammunition.

Yet even CNN had to admit all this hype was less than nothing.

From Breitbart:

The establishment media were abuzz this week with stories about a “seven-hour gap” in White House switchboard logs on January 6, but on Thursday night it emerged that the gap was likely the result of using ordinary landlines and cell phones.

Documents turned over to the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, and then leaked to the media, suggested that there was a gap that could have been caused by President Donald Trump or his aides suppressing information…

But it turns out to have been something of a hoax. As CNN reported on Thursday evening, citing a source inside the January 6 investigation, there were no missing pages in the switchboard logs and that there was a more likely, innocent explanation.

Soon after word came out about this 7-hour “gap,” pundits on liberal sites immediately started to speculate. Never mind this information was leaked to the press by someone on Pelosi’s committee (which might be a crime). Goons from the Washington Post started claiming this was on the same level as the missing spot on Nixon’s tapes. I guess they were too eager to stir up this news since more is coming out about the DNC and Russiagate.

Gotta distract from the real scandal, huh?

Very quickly, however, CNN was forced to admit that there were no missing pages from the White House switchboard logs. The “gap” was likely explained by the use of White House landlines and cell phones. There was no attempt to “hide” conversations between Trump and other people. And the calls made during that 7-hour window have been documented.

But kudos to those pathetic partisan scum bags who turned a simple error into a made-up scandal. The real surprise is that they are copping to the mistake so quickly! If this was 2017, we’d be hearing about this “gap” for weeks, before they finally admitted it was nothing. I guess CNN is a little more truthful, when Jeff Zucker is no longer in charge, huh?

What’s ironic is that the goons that jumped on this “fake news” would never have done so had someone in the House not leaked this information. Clearly, someone among Pelosi’s “select committee” loves to wind up the media. They would have known there was no gap and simply hoped the media would run with this false information. We don’t know who leaked this information, but I’m guessing they have a pencil neck.

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