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Democrat 2022 Midterm Collapse Just Got Worse – Now The Liberal Media Claims The Sky Is Falling

Let’s speak plainly. Democrats are in big trouble this November. They had a chance to prove to America that they were the right ones to run the country. They have control over the White House, House of Representatives, and the Senate.

Not to mention many states. And what have we seen over the last year? Runaway inflation, an open border, chaos overseas, the death of American energy independence, and skyrocketing crime.

Democrats have plenty to answer for. Yet, they refuse to admit their mistakes. Instead, they want to double down on the toxic policies that are dooming their party (and they refuse to check Biden, a man who clearly lost his way).

Now, even the liberal media is saying the “sky is falling.” Major networks are predicting the very worst, claiming this is the “end” of our country.

From Fox News:

Since the beginning of the year, liberal media networks MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC have expressed concerns that the GOP will triumph over Democrats in the 2022 midterms, with many hosts asking how President Biden can save the party from an impending bloodbath.

On March 23, The New York Times published an op-ed in which columnist Thomas B. Edsall asserted that Democrats are making it too easy for Republicans to claim victory and slammed liberals for turning away from the working class while tolerating brazen crime.

On ABC, “The View” co-host Joy Behar said… “That would be the end of the country—the beginning of the end for this country,” she said in January.

Liberals in the media claimed it would be the “end” of our country if Republicans retake Congress. So, I guess it would be the “end” if we restored American energy dominance, fixed inflation, closed our border, and actually fought crime? Yes, all that sounds really terrible. What a nightmare.

Numerous pundits within the MSM have been speculating on the left’s chances for 2022. And they are seeing what we are all seeing. Americans are outraged at Joe Biden and his party for failing repeatedly.

Even during the darkest days of 2020, we had hope that things would get better. And they actually did get better. We were having a “V-shaped” recovery through the end of 2020 when Trump was president.

But Biden and his Democrats put a stop to all of that with reckless government spending, heavy regulations, and mandates that trampled our constitutional rights. And despite terrible poll numbers, Democrats continue to push extreme changes to our voting, massive government spending, and new socialist programs that would cripple our economy.

The liberal media sees a bloodbath in November when Americans vote Democrats out of office. Yet, they offer no solutions to help their party. Instead, they think it’s all about “messaging.” No, Americans, you’re not really losing money at the pump and grocery store.

It’s all an illusion! In reality, Joe Biden is the greatest president ever! The border is not overrun with migrants and there isn’t war overseas!

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