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After Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee Gets Deadlocked – 3 Turncoat Republicans Are Going To Let Her Through

The confirmation hearings for Biden’s Supreme Court pick did what they were supposed to do. Republicans were able to expose Judge Jackson’s record (despite Democrats’ attempts to hide it). She is a radical activist who refuses to even define the word “woman.” Not a single Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee was willing to support her nomination, leading to a deadlock.

From The Hill:

The Senate Judiciary Committee deadlocked on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination in a Monday vote, the panel’s first tie on a high court pick since 1991.

Senators voted 11-11 on sending Jackson’s nomination to the full Senate, with the vote breaking down along party lines. The evenly split committee is one of the byproducts of the 50-50 Senate.

That certainly complicates matters, but Biden still might win the day. Jackson can still make it to the Supreme Court if Schumer can get enough votes in the Senate. And three Republicans just betrayed their own party to support this activist judge.

From PJ Media:

So-called Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney both announced their intentions to support Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. This makes three Republican turncoats who are supporting the nomination of the notoriously weak-on-crime Jackson, whose shameful record of leniency in sentencing child pornographers, apparently didn’t faze them.

Not a big surprise for people in the know. Three of the biggest swamp-loving RINOs in the Senate are agreeing to vote for a radical activist to be put on the highest court in the land. Sen. Susan Collins (who isn’t up for re-election until 2026) already announced she was supporting Jackson.

Now, Mitt Romney, an anti-Trumper and Lisa Murkowski (another anti-Trump RINO) said they are bowing to the swamp to vote for Jackson.

It’s shocking to think that senators who claim to be Republicans would support a woman like Jackson. From all appearances, she is a left-wing activist who will support everything conservatives stand against. But politics are involved. Mitt Romney won’t be up for re-election until 2024. He is probably hoping voters will forget he betrayed the party by then.

Lisa Murkowski is long known as a moderate, liberal-loving Republican. Oddly, she hails from Alaska, a particularly conservative state. But she’s repeatedly stabbed conservatives in the back to win the favor of the liberal establishment in D.C. She is up for re-election this year and already has a strong primary challenger. Perhaps she knows she’s going to lose and is doing this to ensure a nice cushy retirement job as a lobbyist.

Regardless of the reasons, are we really surprised that these three are turning on their party? It’s a wonder why they are still Republicans, given their dark voting record. Maybe this betrayal will be enough for voters to send them home?


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