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Biden’s Chief Of Staff Caught In Hunter Spotlight – Report Claims Klain Emails Solicit Hunter Cash For VP Residence Back In 2012

Now that even the liberal media admits that the infamous Hunter laptop is real, all sorts of things are coming out. We’ve known for a long time that the scandals coming from that computer had the ring of truth.

But now, the left can’t keep claiming this was all “Russian disinformation.” And what we are learning about Hunter could sweep up people within Joe Biden’s inner circle.

Enter Ron Klain. Klain is Biden’s current chief of staff. He’s embarrassed himself several times over the last year. And some of his idiotic retweets cost the administration major lawsuits.

Now, it looks like something he did years ago is coming back to haunt him. Because he approached Hunter Biden for help with preserving the VP’s residence.

From Fox News:

President Biden’s White House chief of staff Ron Klain reached out to Hunter Biden in September 2012 for help in raising $20,000 for the Vice President’s Residence Foundation (VPRF), telling him to “keep this low key” to prevent “bad PR,” according to emails reviewed by Fox News Digital.

Klain, who had left his chief of staff position in then-Vice President Biden’s office a year earlier but was the foundation’s chairman at the time of the emails, told Hunter that he needed to “tackle a piece of unpleasant business” and needed Hunter’s help…

“It’s not much – we need to raise a total of $20,000 – so I’m hitting up a few very close friends on a very confidential basis to write checks of $2,000 each,” Klain continued.

Apparently, Ron Klain reached out to Hunter Biden back in 2012. Klain was in charge of The Vice President’s Residence Foundation.” This is a non-profit group that assists in furnishing and preserving the vice president’s residence on the U.S. Naval Observatory grounds. While it doesn’t seem all that odd for this group to be doing this work, Klain wanted to keep this fundraising quiet, because it was “bad PR.”

Why? We can’t be sure. But we do know Klain asked Hunter Biden to help him find 10 people who could write checks for $2,000 a piece. Perhaps Klain knew that going to Joe Biden’s son for this cash would look bad. Or, that it might bring in money from people who would later want favors. Hunter did business with folks that were, let’s just say “unsavory.”

Perhaps getting money this way would put Joe Biden on the hook for future favors. Maybe that explains some of the bad decisions Biden has made over the last year—including some of his cabinet picks? Whatever the case, this revelation raises plenty of questions about Hunter Biden’s role in Joe’s work.

Joe claimed Hunter had little to do with his time as VP. And that Joe knew little about Hunter’s business. That line is becoming harder and harder to believe, especially with this revelation. Joe’s right-hand man, Klain, was going to Hunter for cash to preserve Joe Biden’s residence. That needs to be investigated.

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