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Durham Unloads Fresh Evidence Accusation On Hillary – New Filings Point To ‘Joint Venture’ And Text Sends Sussman Fleeing


Earlier in the year, we learned that John Durham released an eye-opening filing from his investigation. The liberal media, seemingly to protect Hillary Clinton, tried to dismiss it. Clinton herself claimed it was a “Fox News conspiracy.”

Even though it came from a federal investigator. Okay.

Clinton seemed to bow out of the limelight for a while, so we’re happy about that. But Durham is far from finished. This week, he released even more documentation. And he’s not giving Clinton a break. Now it looks like he is throwing his biggest accusations yet.

From NY Post:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, its lawyer and a tech executive took part in a “joint venture” to gather and spread dirt about Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, special counsel John Durham charges in a new filing.

The bombshell claim was made in a 48-page motion filed late Monday arguing for the admission of additional evidence ahead of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann’s pending trial for allegedly lying to the FBI.

This allegation comes with it a text message from Clinton ally Michael Sussman. The text appears to prove he lied to the FBI about working for Clinton’s campaign. This shakeup seems to be so serious that one of the players may be hiding behind the 5th Amendment.

From The Epoch Times:

A former technology executive who helped spy on the White House intends to invoke his right against self-incrimination if he is called to testify during the upcoming trial of a lawyer who represented Hillary Clinton’s campaign during the 2016 election, according to court documents.

Special Counsel John Durham made his biggest accusation yet, saying in a court filing that Clinton’s 2016 campaign made a “joint venture or conspiracy” with a lawyer and tech firm. He is accusing Clinton of working with these allies to spread dirt about Trump during the election.

Along with this staggering accusation, Durham included a text message from the lawyer, Sussman, to the FBI. In part, the text reads “I’m coming on my own – not on behalf of a client or company – want to help the Bureau.”

This could be a smoking gun that shows he lied to the FBI about working for Clinton. The information he wanted to “discuss,” according to the text, was the very information he compiled for Clinton.

Namely, the false allegations that Trump was working for Russia. It has been shown that information, spread everywhere by the liberal media years afterward, was untrue.

But now, it appears Durham is saying Clinton and these other entities conspired to produce this information to prevent Trump from winning the election. Sussman, while working for Clinton, lied to the FBI—so it would seem like he was spreading this dirt simply as a good citizen.

This is so startling, that the man working for the “tech firm” may now pleading the 5th. All to protect himself.

If this information turns out to be true, more than Sussman will be in hot water. We can’t say if the “joint venture” allegation constitutes a crime, but it might be the groundwork for much bigger charges.

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