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Biden Shaken In The Polls For Title 42 Action – Then The Senate Holds Democrat Funding Up Until They Get Border Vote

Joe Biden has made some unbelievably bad movies. Afghanistan. Mandates. Crippling government spending. And his approval numbers have suffered because of it. But it seems like he hasn’t learned a thing.

Biden’s administration continues to push policies that few Americans want. Sure, they make the radical left and globalists happy, but not real Americans. His latest is to revoke Title 42, which would trigger a worse crisis on the border.

And voters are not pleased.

From Just the News:

A poll released Wednesday finds Team Biden curtailing the use of federal law Title 42 to prevent foreigners from bringing C19 into the U.S. is “this administration’s most unpopular decision so far.”

The pollsters also said the voter response represents “the largest backlash against a Biden administration policy among dozens” tracked by them since January 2021.

And now, Republicans are pushing back.

From Just the News:

Senate Republicans made clear Tuesday they won’t vote in favor of a bipartisan bill to spend an additional $10 million on C19 unless they can vote on an amendment to the measure to keep in place federal immigration policy known as Title 42.

A Morning Consult poll found that 56% of voters are against Biden’s decision to end Title 42. Among those voters, 42% strongly disapproved of the decision. According to the firm, that was the “largest backlash” they’ve seen against a Biden policy.

The poll shows most Americans are against a move that will make our border even weaker. Title 42 gives border agents the power to expel migrants to keep detention centers from being overcrowded.

Even with it, our border has been overrun by over 3 million migrants since Biden entered office. Imagine how bad it will get—if Title 42 is revoked?

Republicans are holding a spending bill hostage until a measure is passed that makes Title 42 law. It’s unlikely Democrats will be happy about keeping Title 42.

We all know that Democrat policy on the border has resulted in a tidal wave of invasion. And Biden has only made it worse. Will Democrats actually vote to keep Title 42?


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