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Republican Governor Touts Huge Border Victory – Arizona Closes Giant Thousand-Foot Gap In The Wall

Those Americans paying attention to the border know things are far from secure. Joe Biden has for all intents and purposes left the border wide open, leading to a crisis never before experienced in America. Democrats claim he is hard at work because look at the number of apprehensions going up, so they must be doing their job right?

But what about all the people not being caught? It seems the apprehensions are going up because the amount of people crossing are going up. That’s my guess.

Luckily some good men are fighting back. As Texas hammers blue cities by bussing in migrants, Arizona is defying the Biden administration—to finish parts of Trump’s border wall.

From Daily Wire:

In a Twitter post Monday, Ducey showed off Arizona’s temporary barrier, with before and after pictures of a nearly quarter-mile long gap in the southern border near Yuma. The before picture shows empty ground with construction vehicles in the background; the after picture shows the barrier, a series of double-stacked shipping containers topped with razor wire, being built. The project was announced shortly after construction had begun on Friday, and it was completed over the weekend.

Arizona’s Republican governor revealed he was filling in gaps in Trump’s border wall, in direct defiance of Biden’s open border policy.

The photos reveal the state is closing the gap with double-stacked shipping containers, topped with razor wire.

Not as impressive as the metal fencing system Trump erected, but this is some pretty clever ingenuity.

Texas used rows of police cars—at one point—to close gaps along the border. With Biden deliberately trashing Trump’s border project, states had to get creative.

Although called “temporary,” something tells me this barrier will be around for a while. It is an adequate solution until people in D.C. wake up to the crisis.

Texas has been doing its part to force Democrats up North to acknowledge the crisis. Both mayors of D.C. and New York have complained about the surge of migrants Gov. Abbott bused to them.

Abbot fired back, calling on those leaders to come down and look at the border. So far, neither has taken him up on it.

Texas has vowed to send more migrants to blue cities, even considering more cities as possible dropping-off points.

And now, Arizona is defying the administration to erect border fencing.

Hmm… doesn’t look like Biden really has a handle on this country, huh?

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